Saturday, August 15, 2009

Money owed to Pete Moore

Dear Anonymous,
I am not sure what the deal was between Pete Moore and Cab and Bud. I am no longer in the car business. However, I do deal with boats from time to time. A friend who recently bought a boat from Pete Moore's GM Rick Hamilton told me, without me asking, that everyone now has to pay Pete Moore with a cashier's check because of the money Bud and Cab owed Rick and Pete. Now, if Bud borrowed money from Rick , he could have got it in cash or a check. If he borrowed money from Pete, he probably got it in the form of cars like I did.
If Bud didn't pay for cars sold in Mexico, it is probably true about the money owed.
Hope this answers your question.

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  1. I am the ex-wife of a prominent car dealer. He knows your story Mark and says he fears for your life. He knows what Pete Moore is capable of and tells me Pete Moore wouldn't have a pot to pee in if it weren't for you and Rick Hamilton. Please email me and we will talk via phone.