Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where's The Press?

Maggie of and many other blogsites seem to have successfuly simplified and promoted my story in an easier format. A story without a follow up is just a story, easily forgotten for the reader but it can mean the life of a victim. As you have read, I was offered a plea by the State Attorney's Office to do as little as 10 months but I had to drop my civil case against Pete Moore. If I didn't plea, I faced 90 years in prison. This is the epitomy of a Bully!

One man has the power to arrest my wife and then let her go. She is a local professional in 2 counties. What did this do to her reputation? After seeing how she was arrested for doing nothing wrong and after over $50,000 was spent to defend her, none of my peers dare show their face for fear of like treatment by the State Attorney's Office. They abused their power and purposefully bullied an innocent spouse to get to me. They can do this to you and your family too. I am not just fighting for me and my family.

Google "Russ Edgar, racketeering". This man gives life sentences to innocent people in order to bully them into a plea. He threatens to arrest spouses and employees. Face a life sentence or submit to the power of the State Attorney. His corruption is public information available on the internet.

The following hyperlinks show the people involved in having me and my wife arrested. View them all under one roof. I am not claiming that everyone affiliated with this organization is corrupt. I am merely showing where the State Attorney's wife and Pete Moore and his wife are more than just acquaintances. It is no wonder I have been subjected to such torture when these wolves hide in sheeps' clothing.

The attempt on my life by Gonzalez Jr. in December 2007 was swept nicely under the carpet. The case has recently been re-activated and I have signed the documents to have Gonzalez Jr. arrested for his home invasion. Let's see if the PNJ or WEAR 3 will mention this. Will they continue to ignore the truth and turn a deaf ear? The State Attorney's Office wants the Gonzalez killings to look like a bunch of morons, however, they did murder 2 people and leave with a safe in less than 5 minutes. Could you have accomplished this feat?

The proof Gonzalez Jr. is a Hitman for Hire can be seen at Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Department Case #07-012258. If it walks like and duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. What is the difference between tresspassing and a home invasion? Gonzalez Jr. broke into my garage then opened my utility room door to enter my home. He met me on the other side of the door, face to face, eyes wide open. I caught up to him at his SUV as he struggled to get the door shut. His vehicle was parked on the wrong side of the road, running with the lights off and the driver's side door opened. No one, until now, even inquired. WEAR 3 called me after Rick's Blog ran an article about Gonzalez Jr. breaking into my home. They requested an interview and I referred them to my website first. The story never ran.

Everyone wondered who hired Gonzalez Jr. to kill the Billings but no one wondered who hired him to kill me?

Why is the Pensacola Media Silent? Could it be that major contributors to their advertising budget are involved with these contract hits? Their absence of reporting the local news confirms my suspicion that they know the truth or at least suspect and will not contribute to it. Imagine how many papers these headlines would sell:




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