Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gonzalez Jr. Admits Contract Hit Paid By Car Dealers and has posted the numerous articles shedding more light on the car dealers' connection to the Billings Killings. I have been telling authorities since December 2007 that there was an attempt on my life. The corruption runs much deeper than just the local car dealers. Conspiracy is the word most commonly used but scoffed at.

The Cover Up:

On the night Gonzalez broke into my home, I knew it was an attempt on my life. No Doubt. The moment I mentioned to the officers that I was involved in a large civil suit against Pete Moore, the brooms came out and swept everything away. Despite my insistence that they investigate potential planting of evidence, they would only document my concern but would not follow through.

Gonzalez mentions in Deputy Chavers report that he feared for his family and requested to speak with the FBI. I have also been speaking with the FBI and other government agencies. District 1 has been needing to be cleaned up for many years. The government agencies have assured me that they are working on this process. This is not a Hollywood script, this is a real case of Murder, conspiracy and corruption.

I went to the Dept. of Banking and Finance. When they learned it was involving Pete Moore, they pulled out the broom sweeping me back to the State Attorney's Office and ECSO.
I went to the Florida Bar and out comes the broom sweeping me back to the State Attorney's Office and ECSO..
I went to the Ethics Commission and out comes the broom sweeping me back to the State Attorney's Office and ECSO.
I went to the Governor's office and their broom was called "separation of powers".
I went to the FDLE and out comes the broom sweeping me back to the State Attorney's Office and ECSO.
And they say the used car dealers are like a private club with a lifetime President, well it's nothing compared to the "collusion" with these agencies. I have the proof. I'm not telling you the doors were closed, they just led me back to the place I was reporting.

Last, but certainly not least, it was explained to me about "why" I was getting nowhere.
The Attorney General's office for the state of Florida explained it best:

"If you sue any one of these agencies in the State of Florida, we represent them if they are State regulated."

Although I informed them I was not interested in suing, I was reporting the corruption involved in my case and how I have been wrongfully convicted. I reported how the evidence in my case had "left" the ECSO and been turned over by Deputy Buzbee to Pete Moore's civil attorneys, circumventing the legal process involving the Clerk of the Courts. Again, I was referred back to the local State Attorney's Office and the Sheriff's Department.

I testified in trial that the prosecutor's evidence was tampered with. But it was not until after my trial that I found out the "who, where, when and why".

Read the quote from one of Pete Moore's civil attorneys to the Florida Bar Complaint:

"I was working for the lawfirm Bozeman, Jenkins & Matthews PA., Pete Moore Chevrolet's insurer, retained to represent PMC in allegations made by MT in a civil lawsuit Case no. 2004-CA-000669. I contacted Investigator Busbee and inquired if I could make copies of these records and he reported that he would allow me to make copies of the six banker's boxes of records he had if I would organize and index the records and provide him a summary of what the records showed. I made copies of the records, indexed them, and sent Investigator Busbee a copy of the indexed records along with a brief memorandum of my summary of the records. "

His "brief memorandum" he submitted to the Sheriff's Department can be viewed under the "Bar Complaints" section on my home page. This is the smoking gun that answers the "who, where, when and why". There is more, lots and lots more; at least 5 attorneys gone bad along with other regulators and law enforcement officers. These documents and others including video and audiotapes support my conspiracy claim, but all this took place BEFORE the DAVID MORGAN administration. HIS SHERIFF'S DEPT. is not involved in the conspiracy. Although some officers may know more than they are telling him.

The following links will take you behind closed doors:


  1. So a public servant from the Sheriff's Department, Busbee, let an opposing attorney make copies of your case, organize and index them and make a "short" summary of the contents for the official record. Is Busbee still on the job?

    I'll be back to read the Bar Complaints.

    Your new formatting looks great, and thanks so much for the link.

    Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

  2. Mark,
    After reading your site I noticed that your wife had a very steep bail of $250,000 because they said she was a flight risk. What the heck? Pam Long Wiggins helped to commit MURDER and her bail was $10,000 then raised to $50,000 after they said she was a flight risk. Seems to me that Russ Edgar had a personal grudge and this shows an abuse of power!

  3. Mr. Turner,
    I watched a TV interview online with Cab Tice. He said Billings had hold checks. I am a business owner in Florida. It is my understanding that if you take a check with the knowledge that it is not good, you have no grounds for arrest or prosecution. I read in your trial testimony that you also wrote Hold Checks. The only reason my husband or I would hold a check for one of our customers was if they were good repeat customers with a relationship with us. The word HOLD in itself means you knew it wasn't good at the time.

    How can Cab Tice be arrested for HOLD checks. After a check is 6 months old, it is VOID anyway. They arrested Cab Tice 16 months later. They must have done that to pressure him but into what?
    Are they hoping he will rat someone out.
    Why wouldn't someone from TV 3 ask him if he owed Pete Moore any money?
    I'll bet the amount of money Cab Tice owed the Mexican Mafia is miniscule in comparison to what he owed Pete Moore or Rick Hamilton.

    I went to TV 3 website and saw that Pete Moore's advertising budget owns the station but on the Pensacola News Journal Blog, Pete Moore is being ratted out.

  4. Mr. Turner, the example you give of how you were continually swept back where you started is appalling.

    Can you give any information about what, if anything the FBI has indicated they can do about this?

    The comment above is confusing, but I'm not from the area. Even if you write a HOLD check, if the debt is not paid, it's not paid. Does the law there protect the check writer?

    Isn't it possible they arrested Tice partly because of Gonzalez' comment that Tice wanted Billings "whacked?"


  6. Claire,
    OJ came to Florida because we are a debtor's heaven. There are businesses here that insure checks to be good. It is common for a consumer to give a vendor a check and request they hold it until the consumer says it's good. I think it's 90 days or it may be 6 months. In Florida, the date the check was written plays a big factor. To prove the check was held or not, some people will not date the check when it's written. The sequence on the checks reveal the truth.

    About the FBI:
    I have been meeting with them regularly. What, when, and how they do their business, I can't comment on. Please continue to follow my story. I said earlier that someone was trying to kill me but the local media acts as if they can't hear. See MaggiesNotebook today.

    As to Cab Tice:
    If I was our good sheriff, I would have arrested him to keep him local. i know Cab personally and I am a professional gambler some would say. I would be willing to bet Cab had nothing to do with Bud and Melanie's deaths.
    Just to make my point clearer: I never did business with Cab. If Bud wrote you a check, it was a good one.


  7. Anonymous,
    I agree with your points about the hold checks but even you admit accepting them in your business practice.

    A friend of mine runs a recycling center. I recently visited him and found a sign on the wall " HOLD CHECKS MUST BE CLOSED OUT EACH DAY"
    This is to assure he gets payment. However, if a dump truck driver is making as many loads as he can, no one knows in the morning how big the hold check will be by the afternoon.
    In the 80's, my then attorney was Greg Smith, who is now Pete Moore's attorney. I had a customer write me a bad check back then for a car purchase. I wanted to report the car stolen but Greg Smith told me that I had a bad check problem, not a stolen car. Later, I bought a rent-a-car franchise. A customer paid me for 3-days rent with a check but never returned with my rental car. The Sheriff's department told me that was called "Conversion Theft" because I gave him the keys. As the blogger Claire mentioned this also, I will elaborate on my comment to her. You can't steal what has been given to you to sell. If I was Cab Tice's lawyer, I would make the point that it was common business practice to give Bud Billings hold checks and I would prove my point by providing the Hold Checks I had written to Billings in the past. If Cab is telling the truth, the checks written in January to Billings would have been cashed in March or later.

    I read a check casher's slogan once, I think it belonged to PayDay Loans: We Make Deposits Twice A Month!

    Keep your thoughts and comments coming. We love hearing from you here on the Coast.