Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Billings connection with Pete Moore Chevrolet

As a former car wholesaler, I have had my fair share of dealings with Bud Billings. He was a jolly fellow who was fun to run into in the car business.

The fact is though, that like most industries, the insiders like to talk about what everyone else is doing and the car business is a buzz with talk about why Bud and his wife may have been killed. Let me tell you about an incident that happened to me on Dec 16, 2007.

It was a cool, clear winter night, late in the evening and I had fallen asleep watching TV with my youngest child. Suddenly, my wife rushed in to to wake me because she heard the garage door open and she believed someone was in the garage.

I grabbed a bottle that was sitting on the counter and went to investigate. As I reached for the door, someone on the other side was already turning the knob. The door cracked and I pulled it all the way open. My wife and I were face to face with an intruder. I will never forget the look of surprise on his face. It was the same look of surprise that was on my face later when I saw him in the news as a primary suspect in the murder of Bud and Melanie Billings, Patrick (Poff) Gonzales.

Obviously caught off guard, Gonzales ran to his blue Ford Explorer. I chased after him as he turned and ran he responded "wrong house!" Gonzales got into his truck which was running and pointed out of the neighborhood with the driver's door open. As he tried to close the door, I grabbed the door handle and struggled with him. I tried to smash his window out with the bottle that I had but only broke my bottle.

I, of course, filed a police report but at the time, no one knew who this clean cut man white man was. The fact is that for two to three minutes I had pleanty of time to look at this guy. I will NEVER forget him and when I saw him featured in the media as a central figure in the Billings case I was stunned.

I met Bud Billings at Pete Moore Chevrolet. As a matter of fact, Laura Hamilton, who you see featured in my YouTube videos worked for Bud Billings when Bud Came over in the early 80's. When she married Rick Hamilton (Pete Moores right hand man) I was the best man in the wedding.


  1. Mark do you know if it is true that Bud Billings and Cab Tice owed Pete Moore hundreds of thousands of dollars at the time Bud was killed?

  2. Mark,
    Why hasn't the IRS investigated the Pete Moore Slush Fund? What was Rick Hamilton getting out of the deal between you and Pete?
    I don't understand a lot of what happened but I can't believe you had the faith to refuse the Plea offered by the Prosecutor. Some good friends of mine made the mistake of taking a Plea from Prosecutor Edgar when he threatened to arrest their wives. Prosecutor Edgar offered to "sell" them a year off their sentence for $25,000 and they took it. Why didn't you get the same opportunity to buy your sentence off?

  3. Mark, I am a Pensacola Beach resident and I know most of the players in this. Maybe I play the blonde card from time to time, but I really need you to explain it simply to me. With all the lawsuits Pete Moore has against him, why can't I find anything on line, including the names of his attorneys? You say them to be Mike Guttman, Greg Smith and Russ Edgar? Isn't Russ Edgar a State Attorney?

  4. Mark, what can you tell me about the connection between Pete Moore's wife Angela and Pamela Wiggins? I happen to know they Face Book each other, at least USE to anyway. This seems too coincidental and frankly scares me. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHO YOUR NEIGHBOR IS AND WHAT THEY MIGHT BE UP TO.

  5. Dear Mr Turner:

    I think that it is great that you started posting on your blog. With all respect, it is more more interesting to read questions and answers, than to sort through the abundance of information on your website.

    I have spent HOURS reading your website and you should know that I think it is interesting, but very, VERY difficult to read and comprehend. I would like to suggest that you get some help in rewriting your website. I have not yet decided if what you are saying is true or not. After so many hours of reading, I still do not understand enough to come to a conclusion. In my opinion, your website is unnecessarily complicated. Too many names, too much chit-chat, too much information. It is impossible to decipher what is important and what is not. You have sort of dumped it all out there and request that the reader sift through it all. You need someone to write it in a way to help the reader to comprehend the facts without spending weeks to read through everything.

    As far as Moore lending Billings money, this seems difficult to believe. We have read that Billings lent money to several other car dealers to set up their business and that Billings had $164,000 in cash in their second safe when they died. So, why would Billings need to borrow from Moore??

    I believe that in 2006, 3 suppliers to Moore went to court and successfully took liens out against his business, because Moore had not paid them for work they had done. You can find this on the Escambia County Court Records site. Seems to me that Moore needed money more than Billings did.

    Also, if Billings DID owe money to Moore, why would Moore have him killed? He would never get his money back. Not only would the debt never be repaid, but also an additional $20-50,000 for the hit? Very difficult to believe. And why both Bud and Melanie? In Florida, killing 2 people is grounds for the death penality.

    Mr Turner, I don't mean to be rude. I really am trying to understand your situation. I do think you need to get help with your writing in order to get people who do not know you to believe you.

  6. Mr. Turner-

    I happen to know that it is very possible that Gonzalez tried to kill you and possibly your family in 2007. I happen to know the individual written about in the PNJ who hired Gonzalez to investigate one of her ex-husbands and I don't believe you offer someone a million dollars to just investigate and to plant drugs to frame someone. A million dollars is a "hit" pay off.

    I feel for you and your family. I was married into the car business and finally escaped that awful mess. If you have a law suit against Pete Moore for 36 million then may God watch over you and protect you and your family. God Bless

  7. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for spending the days on this case because it means my life. I am not Pro State Attorney as you can guess. But I am Pro David Morgan. The evidence I have provided the reader on my site was hidden from the jury. They call it "motions of limine" where evidence is kept from getting into the trial. I apologize for the confusion about the proceedings of the trial and the flow of the site. Please stay with me on this. If I do not explain it to your satisfaction then others may be confused also. Ask it to me again. Now, why would Billings need to borrow money from Moore? It's not that BB needed money from Moore. Let me explain the chain of command. Guys like BB and me fall underneath Hamilton who falls underneath Moore. Rick works for Moore and we work for Rick and Moore. Rick's job is to make sure that Moore's businesses make money by distributing cars. Cab fell under BB and I presume Cab sold off his cars to Mexico. Moore goes to his comptroller Roxanne and she tells him the Cab cars have not been paid for. Moore goes to Rick who goes to BB because he backs Cabs purchases. BB tells Rick that Cab sold the cars in Mexico but the money hasn't been collected from Cab yet. Rick says "I'm catchin a lot of heat from Pete" so BB gets a loan from Rick to pay Moore right away. It's done. Through the years, anytime we got into a tight in paying Moore, we could get the money from Rick. Rick charged me 12% annually. There was no paperwork, our deal was a handshake. Do the math. If a car cost $10,000 and BB had 5 car lots with 50 cars on them each, then that would be $2.5 Million. So if a dealer wanted to borrow $100,000 from WorldCo/BB but BB's cash flow was down, he would just borrow it from Rick. I did not know anyone was going to kill BB and his wife at the time I was crying out that someone had tried to kill me and my wife in 2007. If the proper authorities had looked at my story and paid attention to what was really going on, perhaps BB and his wife would be alive today. Now to the fact of the money in the safe. I was told $160,000 wouldn't make a dent in what was owed to Rick and Moore at the time of the Billings Killings. BB became partners with the dealers or have them borrow from his finance companies/car lots. Cab would take them to Alabama to order duplicate titles and take the cars into Mexico. Remember, clearly I am not telling you this is what happened with the business between BB, Cab, Rick and Moore. I am telling you that this is what I was told happened. I am not saying who killed who. I am telling you that BB and Mark Turner had a relationship with more than one of the same lenders. We were in the same business, distributing cars for a profit. There are $36 Million reasons why those involved would want me dead. I don't know how many reasons those involved had against BB. I can't tell you who hired Gonzalez. I can tell you that I saw him face to face in my garage, not "as he drove away". About your comment on Moore needing more money than BB. Trust me, Moore doesn't need any money. If there are liens against his business, in Florida, some call that being "Judgement Proof". You see, all those leins have to be satisfied in the order of which they are acquired. You will see a lot more sneaky efforts put into this cover up before it is done. I hope this answers your questions,

  8. Mark - With all the information you have on file and documented, I'm wondering if there are attorneys and news media lined up in front of your house! Why have I not seen this story in PNJ? Have I missed it?

  9. Mr. Turner - I have read SOME of your information, just can not absorb all of it. You must not only fear for yourself, but for your family also!! Have you had other incidents happen that now you can relate to your plight?

  10. Finally, the Hit Man Gonzalez admits in Chavers Arrest Report that he was "hired by several car dealers to whack people". No one believed your claim about Pete Moore hire someone to kill you and your family but now the public believes the confessions of the contract killer Poff/Gonzalez.
    Hang in there. Justice will prevail with the new sheriff David Morgan.

  11. Dear Friends and Bloggers,
    I have been screaming from the mountain top that we had a Hit Man on the loose in Gulf Breeze since 2007. I have filed reports with the Florida Bar Association, Sheriff's Department, Dept of Finance Regulation, FBI, etc etc etc. releases the Arrest Report done by Deputy Chavers on Gonzalez Jr/Poff and Gonzalez admits he was hired by car dealers to "whack" other car dealers. Why? Can anyone hear me?
    I am not saying who hired Gonzalez to kill me. That's up to the Sheriff to find out. I am just trying to tell you that if they had listened to me from the beginning, Bud and Melanie would still be alive today.

  12. Mark,
    No one wants to listen because the powers at be in that area have been seriously corrupt for too long to remember. I hope your Sheriff Morgan can turn your town around. I have family there and can't believe what gets shoved under the rug. I suggest some people think about getting their affairs in order because there is a group of people there that need to see nothing but a prison cell for years to come. I hope when all of this is over, you can start over in a place that gives you peace. Don't give up. I know people who do support you and your plight!

  13. Mr. Turner - Rumor (imagine that!) floating around that you are writing a book "Dirty White Boys". Is that true? Another instance where truth is stranger than fiction. GO FOR IT!

  14. Are you implying that Pete Moore is the "god father" of the auto industry in this area?

  15. Pete Moore IS the God Father of the automotive world in the Panhandle. He believes he is above the law. No doubt about that one.

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  17. there is a guy we know of in santa rosa county florida being railroaded by redneck justice. this guy helps people obtain the dream of owning a home and is hated by realtors, how do i know? i was a realtor and we plotted to get rid of this guy at a meeting in pensacola with the navigators. since i have seen this man and his family in church , movies, fair with his kids and wife. have heard he was ill and going through hell with courts, all we can say is matt borderloin is in on it. we are sorry we ever moved here, ever. we are sorry we were part of that meeting, his image haunts us. we lied and were jealous, now we live with the guilt of the sin jealousy.