Saturday, August 15, 2009


Dear Anonymous
Why isn't the IRS investigating the Slush Fund at Pete Moore Chevrolet?
The IRS and the FBI do things in their own time. I have been dealing with both agencies.

What did Rick get out of the deal between Pete and me?
Rick puts the deals together. If you don't take care of Rick, Rick won't take care of you. Rick and I were the best of friends until Pete's greed separated us. Rick is a negotiator skilled in getting what he wants, like all great negotiators can. I do not communicate with any of these parties unless it is through legal counsel.

Why didn't get an offer to buy my sentence off from the State?
I also know about numerous people who were given the same deal as your friends, but the money figures were different. Here is how it works: At the end of the year, the State's budget gets low. This is when deals like this get made. Rich Richardson, seen in my YouTube, told me before he went to jail, that he gave the State a check thru his attorney Ross Keene for $20,000.
This bought him a year off his sentence. Kip Dye, another friend, bought a year off for $10,000.
Rich said he asked his attorney if it was legal. The reply was "Russ does it all the time".
My trial took place in the first quarter of the year.
Thanks for your blog and stay tuned.

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  1. Who regulates the prosecutor Russ Edgar? Can someone prove that your friends Rich Richardson and Kip Dye bought time off their sentences? Did Ross Keene or any other attorneys involved get any of the money. I sure would like to see what account those cashiers checks went into and how it was coded by the State. This is what happens when checks and balances are run by corrupt accountants.